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With meeting your requirements in mind, we have
selected for you some key additional products
for your workplace.

They have been carefully chosen for the innovative and ergonomic
assets they can bring you a daily basis in your work.

Meuble roulant Chariot Zilfor

Additional products

Mobile cabinets


These products boast optimum mobility, quality finish and sleek design.

The ON4 cabinet by DENTAL'ART is the must-have equipment for all orthodontists.

All your instruments and accessories are stored in specially designed compartments. A pull-out shelf and top made of corian for you to have everything at hand to ensure quality healthcare.

You can also individualise the cabinet by choosing from the colours of the RAL chart. A mark of excellence dedicated to practitioners.

The mobile cabinets of the ZILFOR range are popular for their
sturdiness and quality finish.

They can be tailor made (number and height of drawers, compartments,
colour, etc) and are designed to suit the dental, medical and paramedical professions alike.

Fully bespoke models to cater for all your requirements.

Make the most of the mobile cart range the with
built-in power point for your hand held appliances. This avoids having too many wires and means your appliances are always at the ready.

Fields of application: dental surgery, dermatology, podiatry,
physiotherapy, gynaecology, etc...

Ergonomic headrest


This innovative concept was designed by an Austrian dental surgeon to ensure you can administer safe treatment to patients.

The cushion adapts perfectly to all body types thanks to its air valve system. It takes on a stiff form contouring the patient's neck and head.

Feeling their head securely held, patients become completely relaxed thereby making operations easier.

In addition, you can use the external surface area as an armrest during
delicate operations.

This cushion ensures comfort and ergonomics while you take care of your patients.

Prophytec whitening lamp


Ergonomic, easy to use and time saving professional whitening
equipment designed by a dental surgeon and made in France.

This practitioner performed in-depth research into the teeth whitening
concept by analysing the weak points of those available on the market.

Fancy giving it a try ?

Then invest in a Discover Pack ! This high-end pack allows you
to perform two teeth whitening operations straight away.
It comes with two complete kits (different sized positioners
to gauge the right work area, gum barrier, hydrogen peroxide whitening
gel and remineralising gel).

Find out more and watch the presentation video by clicking on :


Your equipment cannot be cleaned using alcohol or bleach
(or any ammonia-based products).

Yet you have to comply with a surface disinfection protocol to avoid
 any risk of patient contamination.

We have selected for you a range of products suitable for your chairs
and seats whilst complying with hospital standards.

These products are manufactured by Laboratoires ANIOS, a French
company with long-standing experience in disinfecting and a sound
reputation in the hospital and medical field.

Choose from the impregnated wipes (WIP'ANIOS) or spray bottles


To order to enhance your healthcare space, we have teamed up with
two artists who's creativity and philosophy is in keeping with our values.
Working together we can create the right atmosphere.
Log on to their website to discover their expertise and universe.

We were immediately won over by this artist’s work. His quirky take on
the world and his colourful universe inspired us. This is exactly what our
brief was when we asked him to work on the base of our chair.
Go to the chairs section to discover this.

His work is bound to add a touch of humour and uniqueness to your work environment.

This craftsman-designer-creator, as he likes to define himself, makes use of objects and recycles materials to create both useful and very edgy objects. They could very easily fit nicely in your office, reception area or even waiting room.

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Find the right accessory
for your workplace !